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Teacher Recruitment

Do you want to join a fast paced, exciting and forward thinking learning environment?

Do you have what it takes to be a WIS Teacher?

We recruit the best high performing UK trained teachers who display the skills and attributes aligned with our vision and philosophy of pursuing the ‘Beyond Outstanding’ and driving for Excellence in everything we do.

professional development opportunities at wis

As a World-Class High Performance Learning School, at WIS we are passionate about the development and continual growth of our teachers. Our expansive professional development opportunities ensure that we create the climate for teachers to flourish and continue to improve their practice.

"I am valued. I feel comfortable taking risks that allow me to develop as a teacher and a leader. I am able to demonstrate my values in a whole school setting and feel encouraged to achieve and reach my potential as an educator. I am supported to inspire innovative thinkers and creative learners through enhancement opportunities. I am a global teacher who is able to have an impact on the wider world. I am a WIS teacher." 

Miss Charlotte Titterton, Teacher of Geography/ Eco Coordinator, Sustainability and Climate Literacy Lead Teacher  

All our staff are highly valued and we have a strong commitment to develop them in a positive pro-active community. If you are interested in working for us please do not wait for an advert, contact us and we can discuss your future further.  Click here to view Careers with us.

"It is great to work in an ever growing and developing environment. At WIS, you have the opportunity to be able to explore different pedagogical approaches in an encouraging and supportive environment. Having the opportunity to work with a variety of teaching staff through school, enables development in both personal and professional aspects.’

Georgina Willis, Year 4 Teacher

"I am fortunate to be part of the WIS community for 12 years. During this time I have been provided with numerous opportunities to support both my professional growth and personal development.  It is a privilege to be working alongside so many professional, talented and committed friends and colleagues. At WIS we have a strong sense of community, always striving to do the best for the children in our care each and every day."

Sandra Collins, FS2A Teacher

What makes a happy GEMS person? 

It's waking up every day, knowing we are going to meet the next generation of game-changers, thinkers and doers. Now that's something to cheer about. 

We also know that when it comes to being a great place to work, it helps to make sure our people are well looked after - physically, emotionally, financially and socially. 

  • We care about you and your family. Started by a family of teachers, we know just how much family matters. Whether you're moving country to work with us, or just around the corner, we have a number of benefits to support you and your nearest and dearest. And, if you are welcoming a little bundle of joy to your family, ask about how they can be a future GEMS student. 
  • We never stop learning. We're as inquisitive as the students we teach and the leaders we meet. That's why we've developed one of the most comprehensive in-house Training, Leadership and Professional Development programmes in the world.
  • Rest and play. Ask us about our holidays benefits packages - with extra days depending on your level and location. 
  • Healthy minds, healthy bodies. On-site nurses and health care professionals keep our people healthy and happy. Services might vary by location. 
  • Travel assistance. With so many GEMS people around the world, we know how important it is to stay connected. Talk to us about travel assistance when you need it. 
  • Employee assistance. Caring for students is not all we do. Sometimes we all need a bit of extra help. We have a team of trained counsellors who can help GEMS people with a wide range of professional and personal problems. 
  • Discounts and offers. For GEMS people in the Middle East, we've pulled together some of the best discounts around.  

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